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Our Sources never make 2 post a day. Never. But mother taught us something at the tender age of 3…

‘Never say Never especially when it comes to the God that is Robert Pattinson’

Mother knows well.

So we wake up, 7ish :cough: 8ish & we don’t even get our daily dose of the good ol’ cup o Joe before we grab the BlackBerry & press ‘Friends Timeline’ on Twitterberry.

I see a Tweet from both ThinkingofRob & ROBsessedblog saying Robert Pattinson & AnOther Man & New Pictures. I read it too fast because immediately my earth shattered! So we rushed to the Laptop to check…

& oh boy was it ever Christmas in September? Yes! Yes it was!!

robertpattinsonanotherman41 (more…)

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This post is not for the narrow-minded. If your narrow & you’re minded, GTFO & SHUDDUPINYURFACE!


Miss. Divine & Mr. Bucket Filler

Woman as well as Men want the Bucket Filler

Men as well as Woman want the Divine

The above fact made the Sources think…. It really hurts when they think, because what they think is usually no good…

Take a deep breath!

I warned you! (more…)

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27xey5d - Copy

Kristen has 18 released movies & 5 post-production/filming ones

Out of the 18 released Source #1 has seen 12

We have notice a few things about Kristen when she acts…

  • The roles she chooses are believable, :she’s not a bubblegum popping fire-crotch:
  • You end up crying :well Source #1 does, then again she cried in the SpongeBob episode where Gary leaves:
  • Her depth is amazing. She’s on 19 & has yet to disappoint with a role IMHO
  • We want to end up being her best-friend :or smoking a fat blunt with her:

we can make a 4 page list, but too lazy to do so. Lets get the the point (more…)

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Kristen & Rob, you came to my city for the FUCKERY that was the MTV VMA’s.

001yeah, yeah, I cropped Taylor out, Subpoena me (again)

I watched the show for like 4-5 hours. I drank for 4-5 hours. I cannot get back those 4-5 hours

I am not a Taylor Lautner fan per say, but I am a 21 year old that SQUEED for about 5 minutes when I saw him on TV

007oh hiyah Taylor, didn’t notice you next to Miss. Divine

Why did I SQUEE? Because I thought it meant that we were getting closer to seeing the Stewmister & Robmister…

Boy was I wrong

You were on the stage for about 5 minutes if that


Yes we got about 26 or so pictures but like TOFU I am NOT satisfied…

Kristen DollFace, you are the EPITOME of EPITOME

(Does that make sense? Doesn’t have to)

003Google beyond beautiful… you’ll get Kristen Stewart

Rob, baby, only 2 solo pictures? This is a SIN

015where is my dealer? I need more of mi fix

So when will you come back to my lurvely (gritty) city?

I’ve made a list of things we can do together when you do decide to come…

Kristen we can go to my favorite bar & hang out with Rafael

Bartenderno thats not Rafael, but it sure looks like him ;)

Rob we can go cruising in Central Park & hide under the tunnel (& fondle one another)

DSC02536no one will find us here darling

Kristen I can take you to the hood to pick up another wig, in case you need it for Breaking Dawn or K-11 ;)

GetAttachment.aspxKristen honey, don’t look like that, in the end it will be worth it

Rob I can take you shopping… at a Flea Market

Flea Market 1its kind of rude to invite TomStu Rob, just sayin’ but if you insist…

I can show you both the beauty of NYC

nyc skyline3

The hobos

homeless_in_nydon’t worry Rob, you’ll fit right in ;)

The Subway

New_York_City_Subway_Interioryou better hold on tight Spider Monkeys, the MTA is not a game

Brooklyn. No we are not from there. We are scared of going there. But Rob went there once. So we shall take Kristen

marcy-1I have the pepper spray, razor & bb gun. I totes have your back

If you two don’t want to do what I have on my list, we can always go back to my house. Kristen you can play Guitar Hero while I show Robert my book collection (deep inside me).

We can get totally baked & go to my favorite place when fried

guggenheim-lgThe Guggenheim

if not…

sdvccsvthis will work


dftrue fact? yes

So call me next time you guys head East… & Rob I do go South ;)

Since we did not get enough Kristen & Robert pics from the VMA’s. Lets end the most with the MA’s







Stew Pics Source

Rob Pics Source

–Posted by Elle

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A few weeks ago Sources 1 & 2 went to the Jersey Shore & hung out with a bunch of 65+ year olds…

8-22-09 9these are really them

Sources # 1  was on her PC studying :Twittering: & in walks in one of the 65+ year old ladies (lets call her Arthrity from now on). She proceeds to ask question’s about the Jerk that is the wallpaper of Source #1’s PC
This is the Jerk she speaks of:

robSource 1 imagines he is indeed laying on her bed

Well lets tap into the Sources mind & find out if Robert is a jerk or not…

  • Elle: Last time I went on a date with him he opened the door for me
  • G: He always holds my hair up when I’m throwing up my life after a nice night out & rubs my back while calling me a crazy bitch

  • Elle: Whenever i need anything sewed, Rob always sews my stuff with that shitty blue-grey thread
  • G: For sure, he always makes sure I look cleaner than he does. A real gentlemen never tries to outshine his girl

  • Elle: When Rob came home with his spray on abs and I asked him to not wash them off, he called me a silly slore for even thinking he was going to shower
  • G: He knows the smell of soap & water makes queasy (‘Allergies), that’s why he try’s to shower as little as possible when around me

Is this the face of a Jerk?

m48the bulged, the face…my Uterus POOF

  • Elle: No its the face of someone I’d like to sit on (& play  patty cake with his patty)
  • G: Whats wrong with with a little angry? Makes for the best s-e-x

How about this?

17the Sexpenders, THUD

  • Elle: Now that is the face of a man I’d like to strap me on one of those spanking machines (the spanker being his hand)
  • G: I  concur, although domestic violence is unacceptable (side-eye Chris Brown) but if Robert is involved I might make an exception

& this?

103108_twilight09w_400X400Le Purr

  • Elle: I may take up more than 140 characters to describe what this :gulp: face makes me want to do. May I plead the 5th? This face is just filling up my buckets by the minute (on # 7)
  • G: Someone please call 9-1-1 (Jamaican accent) my bedroom is full of jizz & I can’t swim… That is all


08le sigh

  • Elle: Looks like he just rolled out of bed. & it wasn’t with me. His hair would’ve been pointed N E S & W & his shirt would be POOF (like my panties)
  • G:I have NO words for this face. He is too clean. I need DIRT. I need GREASE. I need a SMELLY BRIT

Now this looks like a Jerk

15Hand me a bucket. Thanks ;)


When Arthrity called Robert a jerk Source #1 wanted to slap her for disrespecting GOD. Source #2 was a bit boozed (at 11am) to notice.  So what did Source #1 do… She told Arthrity to SHUDDUPINYURFACE!

So According to Our Sources, Robert Pattinson is not a Jerk. He is a awkward 23 year old with Super Hero Powers. What is this Super Hero Power I speak of?


& we end this with Miss Unsurpassed Bitch-Face… Kristen Stewart



Source for the Cremdela Pics

Also a huge Thank You to the Wifey Ashley
for not having a Brain Fart LURVE you ;)

–Posted by Elle & G

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“Aggressive, tough and defiant may describe me, but that leaves the impression I’m mean and I’m not. People expect me to have fangs.” — Joan Jett

Our Sources have been receiving a few not so nice comments on the blog…

lunapic-125216290949294yes this is how we feel…

We knew what to expect :not really:
We knew that the crazies would attack :
oh noes the miners:
We knew some would get offended :we are not racist, Mr. Magic is blk:
We knew loads of repugnance would be thrown our way :
& like a Frisbee…:

wowzersepitome of beauty much?

Hate is too great a burden to bear. It injures the hater more than it injures the hated– CSK

125216290949294nope, not amused

A few reasons we think (know) the Stew is being thrown daggers…

Kristen is Mystery


If we start to think about it we really know nothing about this doll. We know that her steeze is ace, her bitch-face is priceless, her decisions are her own and she’s totes awkward & looks like she doesn’t like to be hovered. But do we really know much about her? We don’t. With other celebs we know everything from the toilet paper they use to the size of their labia’s :cough:FireCrotchLohan:cough:

Kristen is Talent


Kristen is an Actress. Artist. Model.  She has acted next to the best of the best (i.e. Robert Deniro, Jodie foster) & despite what all the wankers say, we couldn’t picture anyone else to portray the lurvely Bella than Kristen. She has a velvety voice & darling sure can Vogue

Hey Source #1 if you love her so much why not suck her kaslopis? Erm, I don’t dig girls & she won’t return my calls :P

Kristen is Beauty


It’s evident that the kit-kat Stew is beyond gorgeous. No need to be a label whore to get recognition…she is recognition. Her Beauty is timeless. Everyone in Hollywood is starting to look alike. But not the Stew-mister (sounds like a drink, eh?). Always seems true to herself. Couture dress & Chucks… She won our hearts all over again. & unlike Parasite Fox, sex doesn’t ooze out her pores (go get that checked out Meggy, you’ve got the drips) she is just is pure-sex

Kristen is spooning RPattz


Shuddupinyurface! Who cares who she’s spooning, forking, knifing.
Just Shuddupinyurface!

This post is not to convince anyone to fall in lurve with the fierce kitty that is Kristen Stewart. If you don’t like her, good. If you lurve her great. Just don’t leave bullshit comments on my blog. I will reply to your bullshit & call you out. I am a nice person (he-he) & this is a hobby, that I really fucking enjoy because of those that show Our Sources  buckets of LURVE.


Also Bitch is not a bad thing…Embrace it, it will take you places. Trust

& I want to end the post with the ‘Bucket Filler’ Robert Pattinson… hair edition ;)





Source for KStew

Source for RPattz

–Posted by Elle

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For the past 5 years, sources 1 & 2 have been saying that they should have been born men. No they are not lesbians (Although they are now accepting applications for a gay guy friend, they lurve you)

♥But now they are in lurve with a man that makes them question the above statement♥

A man so beautiful they call him the ‘Stealer of Virtues’. The ‘Uterus Dropper’, ‘The Panty Puddingner’ & ‘The Combustor of All Things Combust’.

Our sources seem to relate to the man a lot

They play instruments:

guitrGuitar Hero is an instrument. Don’t judge. It took us 2 weeks to master Hotel California with 6 fingers

They drink on occasions :every day:

hvb'Such ladies the Sources are I tell ya’. BTW that box was consumed by Source #1 in one night 8/29/09

They share the love for Spaghetti & Meat balls:

brdRobert likes Spaghetti & Kobe Beef meat-balls, our Sources make the best Chef Boyardee Spaghetti & meat-balls. You say tomato they say Shudupinyurface.

Hes Mr. Patch-em:

airport_007He has a thing for recycling clothing. I call it ART…. Source #2 has her patch-em jeans. He has patch-em pants (Source #2 is not poor, she’s just a cheap biotch j/k, its just hard to give up jeans that ‘make your arse look FIERCE’)

Our sources have noticed different accommodations to their lifestyles…

The Cup:

2Your most likely to find Rob at a bar, therefore we stole a cup from our fave bar. Our sources have high hopes that Rob himself will pay them a little visit & drink from their ‘cup’


WhenbadhairhappenstogoodpeopleSource #1 was taking out her winter gear & she suddenly jizzed in her pants when she found this sweater. This has to be some sort of sign. Now all she needs is extensions


llSo there’s a long lost photo-shoot of Rob that has yet to come out & hes wearing a Batman shirt… What did Source #1 do… She bought one for little brother.


8These clothes are clean *promise*. Our sources just feel a bit closer when they choose their outfits from a pile, True HOBO style ;)

The Boots:

26613pcn_pattinson01Rob has these boots. These boots do several wierd things to our sources girly parts. They decided that they like the feeling. So they bought imitation Rob boots & now feel imitation Rob thingys in their girly parts


1Kristen is a bad ass. Source #2 thought that, that was indeed the reason for the whole ‘RobSten’ thing. What did she do… went to a bar for Source #1’s birthday & got this scar. They have no idea how it happened. But we blame it on Robert. Robert came over & either burned her or touched her with those fingers of pure SEX. GAH!

004-7Pure SEX!

The point of this post was not to state the obvious fact that Robert is our Sources SoulMate (Source #1 has her’s already right MissSoCal28 LOL) Its to state the obvious fact that they can be good friends. Good friends that have hot messy sessions of erm sex Guitar lessons.

So we leave you with a few yummay Robert FOTOS that made us JIZZ ;) …




& last but not least

003-9Say PRUNE!


–Posted by Elle

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