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Hai guise, it’s Source #2 (G) & yes I’m sort of doing this post solo since Source #1 (Elle) has been doing the past 5743y2598  post with her new BFF the BUTT!!

Before we begin, have you guise seen this amazing video?! if not: WATCH IT. LIVE IT. LEARN IT & LOVE IT!!

So…I usually lurk the Devotee twatter account just to be in the ‘know’. & some have been asking/emailing us the following questions, oh & be sure to click on the links ;)

  1. Are Robert & Kristen doing this for PR because of Summit?
  2. Why aren’t you a SHIPPER? *gag*:I loathe the word shipper along with the term Robsten….it’s KPattz MOFO:
  3. Why don’t you tweet as much or your funny stories & RL issues?
  4. Did Rob really have something going on with Nikki Reed?
  5. Is Robert circumcised? :okay no one’s asked that, just Elle…she’s prays to bebe Jesus that his peen has an identity:

So I’ll try to answer these questions that obviously won’t let some people sleep peacefully at night. (& if you’re having difficulty sleeping at night because of this, you should lit’rally 1. Seek professional help 2. Take a few shots of Jameson 3. Benadryl Extra Strength 4. Fap until you pass out 5. find a RL JOB (stalking the AT & IMDb boards is not a job & shouldn’t even be a hobby) Not that I’m judging those who do this #JudgmentFreeZone. (more…)

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Hey girl Hey… It’s your Birthday!!

So you’re officially 20 sweet girl. 20 is like a crossroad in your life. You’re old enough to buy cigarettes & play the lotto (since 18), but you can’t buy booze…Legally.

I (Elle) remember when I turned 20. I wasn’t able to go to any of the bars I wanted to, so my friends bought me what they call ‘NUTCRACKERS‘ :click here for the recipe: Err yeah. I really don’t remember what I did for my 20th. I do remember the hang-over & the ladybug tattoo I woke up with.

So Roberto what are your thoughts….

& we hope your not like Bella & actually enjoy all the Hello Kitty things your friend Roberto & husband Guillermo are going to buy you. P.S. don’t let Roberto HUMP your Hello Kitty pillows. (more…)

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