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It’s a 3 Day weekend & we haven’t posted in a few days… So we decided to do a Why So Cute post to make your weekend a wee bit brighter :)

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& of course we had to throw our favorite hobo in the mix… Hope you all have a great one & prepare thyself for the Eclipse Frenzy ;)

Sauce for the piccas: The Butt & We Heart It

–xoxo Elle

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Meet Roberto…

It’s his 24th Birthday today

As you know… this blog isn’t about Roberto (even though we have multiple post about the dirty things we’d love to do to Roberto RAWR), but since he MAYor MAY be the boyfriend of Kristen Stewart we took it upon ourselves to do a little something special for you.

Our Special…. BunnyStew ;)

That is all. Hope you have a day full of bliss & with only one girl screaming in your ear :wink wink: . & may all your wishes come true! & if they don’t… buy a magic 8 ball to determine if they will.

& Elle’s motto for any celebration… DRINK UNTIL YOU CAN’T FEEL FEELINGS.

Allow your mates to take you out…

Arrivederci Bello

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Hello World it’s your Elle-Stew Girl!!

“I hate it when they say I don’t give a shit, because nobody cares more than I do.  I’m telling you I don’t know anybody who does this that gives a shit more than I do.”

Warning this Behind The Scenes UNF & is NSFW… Bossman gave me the Side-Eye

Well fuck us Bebe Jesus, it it ain’t yet another Kristen Photoshoot by the GREAT Carter Smith :I called it MOFOs:

ICU KStewsButt :woof woof: (more…)

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Flaunt Magazine is one of those mags no one knows about until someone you REALLY love is on the cover. Well that’s our reason… & boy what a great spread & interview! If you haven’t read the transcript click HERE

What’s Up?… Haiti

When our sweet Chimies snapped pictures of the magazine & all of twatter read what Kristen said… Most were livid.

A few excerpts from her interview with Flaunt Magazine

“If I could go to work every day & not have to be followed around by fucking fifteen gangsters trying to take my picture, willing to do anything for one…It’s not normal.”

Interviewer: The thing is, she’s not ranting. She’s not dour, mean-spirited, or even complaining. All of this is like describing the clouds, or the leaves on the trees. There are things that exist in the world & she is talking about them.

“I choose my work instinctively. I couldn’t have a plan. I would always fall short. What I do is so impulsive.”

“He didn’t ask for a picture. That’s good, because then they go & Twitter them & then the paparazzi know where I am & they drive to my location & it gets crazy.”If you are reading this & have done the above… Kindly exit our blog.

“Twitter fucks me over everyday of my life. Because people go, ‘I’m sitting next to Kristen Stewart right now’ & then they show up.” –Please stop giving out Kristen’s locations. IDGAF what or who your source is. Just fucking stop. It’s totes not cool.

“I see people on their phones & I just want to take these cookies & throw them. Its like ‘Get off your fucking phone & get a life!’ I get so mad.” –Why does the thought of her throwing a cookie at us sort of err you know… yeah

“It’s like you’re trampling on someone’s life without any regard. & its a rampant.”

Interviewer: Have you ever punched anyone in the face? (more…)

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