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(btw am I the only one who noticed the lady smothering the child in this pic? lol)

So last night was the LA premier of Eclipse, I woke up to a lovely text from a Bunny <3 & I err squeed. Passed out rather early & missed most of The Pretty. Source #2 is in the Caribbean sipping margaritas while I’m in the city dying from this fucking heat-wave. Off topic much? Yes. Lets get on track now shall we? Yes. Quick & short post.

& how fab did Kris look last night?

Very fab.

The Pretty

These two can’t possibly can any prettier. :no words… speechless like GaGa:

Question? Why can’t people enjoy The Pretty w/o being bitter sacks of shit?


& this is the highlight of the post: look at the first 15 secs of this video.. BURN much? lol irl

Taylor can’t resist The Pretty

& maybe he thought things with Rob would go beyond their Brokeback Mountain shoot…I kid…maybe

Let’s end this post with PapaStew. FTW

Next week our ‘Eclipse Frenzy’ post will be up & our lovely ladies are traveling to the Big Apple for the premier. Oh & Miss. Stewart will be here as well so double squee :)

–xoxo Elle

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*stretch & yawn* Hello all, G here lets play :)

So how about those MTV Movie Awards? Our inner fan-girl was not so inner last night. We were all chanting “They Better KISS” (now I ask myself err why does it matter? & to be honest, I don’t know I just want these KPattz Blue Balls err Ovaries to go bye bye)

Let’s start off by giving a big congrats to our girl for winning Best Female Performance *fist pump*

Kristen was celestial last night. We are beyond proud of our girl. She had a VERY shit week, But look at her :) Head.Held.High… As it should be.

Ruth is so cute in the background ♥

& can we also say how fab she looked? Hair = Win… D&G Skirt & Top = Win… Rousseau Shoes = Win… Makeup =Win… Oh & that Double Infinity Ring = Major Win Kristen Stewart = WIN!

& how delicious did Rob look? Congrats on your Global Super Star & Best Male Performance Awards!

he can almost wrap his hands around that pop-corn…oh those hands…oh oh o

I’m a bit miffed that Sn00ki didn’t get to interview Kristen. I wanted Kristen to pull out one of her EPIC Bitch-Face cards for calling her a whore. *sigh* Maybe next year? Ok maybe not. Let’s keep our girl Jersey Shore Free (even though we want Breaking Dawn’s Isle Esme to be filmed on the Jersey Shore)

Gorgeous Kids are Gorgeous

Before you proceed: If you hate people speaking about Rob & Kristen as a couple or w/e I think it’s time to…

The ‘They May or May not have Kissed’ Scene

BTW not that I’m calling anyone out Elle But I think everyone was nervous when this part of the show came on… Right Miss. I think I need a shot of Jameson guys ELLE!!!

So did they kiss? According To Our Sources, Yes. But, you be the judge. Not that it really matters what they do in public ;)

For those who were SHAKING & RAGING & CRYING & SCREAMING because of Kristen last night. Here you go: Kill them with a smile sweet Stew

The awards this year were great, & what made it better was Pirate’s highly caffeinated Grey Goose Iced Tea, so let’s end this with one of my favorite part in the award The Face Mush ♥

–xoxo G

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Proceed with an open mind. Please & Thank you

We are so sick & tired of those that sit on the edge of their seats dying for Kristen to say something that they can twist & abominate. Those that are dying for her to fail…

She is one of the most sought after actresses at the moment. Give girl some fucking credit. It is so childish. ‘She can’t act’, ‘She always looks bored’ ‘She never smiles’. Really? REally? REAlly? REALly? REALLy? Fucking REALLY?!? Give us a MOFO break. (You’d all probably hate us because we are moody bitches & living in NYC doesn’t help our ‘tough’ exterior


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Meet Roberto…

It’s his 24th Birthday today

As you know… this blog isn’t about Roberto (even though we have multiple post about the dirty things we’d love to do to Roberto RAWR), but since he MAYor MAY be the boyfriend of Kristen Stewart we took it upon ourselves to do a little something special for you.

Our Special…. BunnyStew ;)

That is all. Hope you have a day full of bliss & with only one girl screaming in your ear :wink wink: . & may all your wishes come true! & if they don’t… buy a magic 8 ball to determine if they will.

& Elle’s motto for any celebration… DRINK UNTIL YOU CAN’T FEEL FEELINGS.

Allow your mates to take you out…

Arrivederci Bello

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Hai guise, it’s Source #2 (G) & yes I’m sort of doing this post solo since Source #1 (Elle) has been doing the past 5743y2598  post with her new BFF the BUTT!!

Before we begin, have you guise seen this amazing video?! if not: WATCH IT. LIVE IT. LEARN IT & LOVE IT!!

So…I usually lurk the Devotee twatter account just to be in the ‘know’. & some have been asking/emailing us the following questions, oh & be sure to click on the links ;)

  1. Are Robert & Kristen doing this for PR because of Summit?
  2. Why aren’t you a SHIPPER? *gag*:I loathe the word shipper along with the term Robsten….it’s KPattz MOFO:
  3. Why don’t you tweet as much or your funny stories & RL issues?
  4. Did Rob really have something going on with Nikki Reed?
  5. Is Robert circumcised? :okay no one’s asked that, just Elle…she’s prays to bebe Jesus that his peen has an identity:

So I’ll try to answer these questions that obviously won’t let some people sleep peacefully at night. (& if you’re having difficulty sleeping at night because of this, you should lit’rally 1. Seek professional help 2. Take a few shots of Jameson 3. Benadryl Extra Strength 4. Fap until you pass out 5. find a RL JOB (stalking the AT & IMDb boards is not a job & shouldn’t even be a hobby) Not that I’m judging those who do this #JudgmentFreeZone. (more…)

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Hey girl Hey… It’s your Birthday!!

So you’re officially 20 sweet girl. 20 is like a crossroad in your life. You’re old enough to buy cigarettes & play the lotto (since 18), but you can’t buy booze…Legally.

I (Elle) remember when I turned 20. I wasn’t able to go to any of the bars I wanted to, so my friends bought me what they call ‘NUTCRACKERS‘ :click here for the recipe: Err yeah. I really don’t remember what I did for my 20th. I do remember the hang-over & the ladybug tattoo I woke up with.

So Roberto what are your thoughts….

& we hope your not like Bella & actually enjoy all the Hello Kitty things your friend Roberto & husband Guillermo are going to buy you. P.S. don’t let Roberto HUMP your Hello Kitty pillows. (more…)

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Hello again. Valentines day is this Sunday. Yay right? No, not really. The men we want are all taken. Rob, Jesse, GOD, Shia, & maybe TomStu. Therefore… we’ve invested our time to make a very quick Valentines Day Post for KPattz… MOFO

To makes things easier for both Rob & Kris we did a short list of things they can buy each other. Please click on the links or the post wont make sense to you.


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