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Meet Roberto…

It’s his 24th Birthday today

As you know… this blog isn’t about Roberto (even though we have multiple post about the dirty things we’d love to do to Roberto RAWR), but since he MAYor MAY be the boyfriend of Kristen Stewart we took it upon ourselves to do a little something special for you.

Our Special…. BunnyStew ;)

That is all. Hope you have a day full of bliss & with only one girl screaming in your ear :wink wink: . & may all your wishes come true! & if they don’t… buy a magic 8 ball to determine if they will.

& Elle’s motto for any celebration… DRINK UNTIL YOU CAN’T FEEL FEELINGS.

Allow your mates to take you out…

Arrivederci Bello


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Hey girl Hey… It’s your Birthday!!

So you’re officially 20 sweet girl. 20 is like a crossroad in your life. You’re old enough to buy cigarettes & play the lotto (since 18), but you can’t buy booze…Legally.

I (Elle) remember when I turned 20. I wasn’t able to go to any of the bars I wanted to, so my friends bought me what they call ‘NUTCRACKERS‘ :click here for the recipe: Err yeah. I really don’t remember what I did for my 20th. I do remember the hang-over & the ladybug tattoo I woke up with.

So Roberto what are your thoughts….

& we hope your not like Bella & actually enjoy all the Hello Kitty things your friend Roberto & husband Guillermo are going to buy you. P.S. don’t let Roberto HUMP your Hello Kitty pillows. (more…)

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