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*stretch & yawn* Hello all, G here lets play :)

So how about those MTV Movie Awards? Our inner fan-girl was not so inner last night. We were all chanting “They Better KISS” (now I ask myself err why does it matter? & to be honest, I don’t know I just want these KPattz Blue Balls err Ovaries to go bye bye)

Let’s start off by giving a big congrats to our girl for winning Best Female Performance *fist pump*

Kristen was celestial last night. We are beyond proud of our girl. She had a VERY shit week, But look at her :) Head.Held.High… As it should be.

Ruth is so cute in the background ♥

& can we also say how fab she looked? Hair = Win… D&G Skirt & Top = Win… Rousseau Shoes = Win… Makeup =Win… Oh & that Double Infinity Ring = Major Win Kristen Stewart = WIN!

& how delicious did Rob look? Congrats on your Global Super Star & Best Male Performance Awards!

he can almost wrap his hands around that pop-corn…oh those hands…oh oh o

I’m a bit miffed that Sn00ki didn’t get to interview Kristen. I wanted Kristen to pull out one of her EPIC Bitch-Face cards for calling her a whore. *sigh* Maybe next year? Ok maybe not. Let’s keep our girl Jersey Shore Free (even though we want Breaking Dawn’s Isle Esme to be filmed on the Jersey Shore)

Gorgeous Kids are Gorgeous

Before you proceed: If you hate people speaking about Rob & Kristen as a couple or w/e I think it’s time to…

The ‘They May or May not have Kissed’ Scene

BTW not that I’m calling anyone out Elle But I think everyone was nervous when this part of the show came on… Right Miss. I think I need a shot of Jameson guys ELLE!!!

So did they kiss? According To Our Sources, Yes. But, you be the judge. Not that it really matters what they do in public ;)

For those who were SHAKING & RAGING & CRYING & SCREAMING because of Kristen last night. Here you go: Kill them with a smile sweet Stew

The awards this year were great, & what made it better was Pirate’s highly caffeinated Grey Goose Iced Tea, so let’s end this with one of my favorite part in the award The Face Mush ♥

–xoxo G

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Proceed with an open mind. Please & Thank you

We are so sick & tired of those that sit on the edge of their seats dying for Kristen to say something that they can twist & abominate. Those that are dying for her to fail…

She is one of the most sought after actresses at the moment. Give girl some fucking credit. It is so childish. ‘She can’t act’, ‘She always looks bored’ ‘She never smiles’. Really? REally? REAlly? REALly? REALLy? Fucking REALLY?!? Give us a MOFO break. (You’d all probably hate us because we are moody bitches & living in NYC doesn’t help our ‘tough’ exterior


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It’s a 3 Day weekend & we haven’t posted in a few days… So we decided to do a Why So Cute post to make your weekend a wee bit brighter :)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

& of course we had to throw our favorite hobo in the mix… Hope you all have a great one & prepare thyself for the Eclipse Frenzy ;)

Sauce for the piccas: The Butt & We Heart It

–xoxo Elle

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Hello World it’s your Elle-Stew Girl!!

“I hate it when they say I don’t give a shit, because nobody cares more than I do.  I’m telling you I don’t know anybody who does this that gives a shit more than I do.”

Warning this Behind The Scenes UNF & is NSFW… Bossman gave me the Side-Eye

Well fuck us Bebe Jesus, it it ain’t yet another Kristen Photoshoot by the GREAT Carter Smith :I called it MOFOs:

ICU KStewsButt :woof woof: (more…)

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Hey girl Hey… It’s your Birthday!!

So you’re officially 20 sweet girl. 20 is like a crossroad in your life. You’re old enough to buy cigarettes & play the lotto (since 18), but you can’t buy booze…Legally.

I (Elle) remember when I turned 20. I wasn’t able to go to any of the bars I wanted to, so my friends bought me what they call ‘NUTCRACKERS‘ :click here for the recipe: Err yeah. I really don’t remember what I did for my 20th. I do remember the hang-over & the ladybug tattoo I woke up with.

So Roberto what are your thoughts….

& we hope your not like Bella & actually enjoy all the Hello Kitty things your friend Roberto & husband Guillermo are going to buy you. P.S. don’t let Roberto HUMP your Hello Kitty pillows. (more…)

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Hello Daddy Hello Mom this is a Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-CHERRY BOMB POST

& because we’ve were patting our wrist for the trailer, let’s start this post with Fap-Worthy Material ;)

& just like our New Moon Premier post, we’ve decided to do a The Runaways Premier post. Hope you enjoy :)


  • Extra eyeliner
  • Red leather jumpsuit
  • Sport your Shag. & it’s bet-not be a wig MOFO or Feather your hair
  • Talk in a raspy seductive voice like Joan Jett
  • Take your Guitar (Rock Band & Guitar Hero guitars are acceptable) Don’t Judge
  • Wear Pro-Keds, it’s the only day you’ll be able to wear them instead of Converse
  • Tuck a water-gun in your pants… and use it as a flask if you must

  • Use the word ‘Dog’ before every curse word
  • Bring your passport, you’ll need it because The Runaways go to Japan
  • Yell Cherry-Bomb! if the theater suddenly gets quiet
  • Cake your face in make-up a la Cherie
  • Take a 6 pack of canned beer. When done smash it with your hands & throw it @ your neighbor
  • Kiss the girl next to you… wait what? (more…)

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Hello all! Sorry for the delay, & thanks for the emails asking if we quit ATMS. No, we haven’t. But ‘real life’ was hectic. Let’s begin!

Soooo next week is the NYC premier of The Runaways. The Sources & Co. are going to the premier.

Source #1 took a ‘No Fangirling’ vow. & Source #2 threatened to punch her in the neck if she shows any signs of ‘Fangirling’. We’ve read what people have said about things you should NOT do when you meet the Almighty Fierce One, here’s our list:


  • Ask her about Twilight. We’ve noticed that she does so much better when anything Twilight related isn’t mention. Hence her amazing Interview with Jay Leno ;)
  • Approach her and go “I’m panicking I’m panicking omg!”
  • Ask her about Rob. She will Bitch-Face you. & that will most likely be caught on camera for all world to see. & we will make fun of you #Trust.

  • Scream at her. She might take out her water gun & squirt you in the eye with Jack D.
  • Ask if they used one of her bras for Rob modesty patch in Remember Me. Kris is probably an A-Cup & in our pervy little minds we think Rob has a Monster Peen.
  • Grab her boobs to check if she has her Nipples Pierced.

  • Do not go all CoolSpotter’s & wear any & everything you’ve seen her wearing. Jewelry included. it’s just not fucking cool. At.All.
  • Mention Nikki Reed. No explanations needed.
  • Ask if Oregano took her V-Card.
  • Tell her Martha Stewart has the best pie in the world.
  • Mention Rob’s Hello Kitty collection.
  • Touch her Shag.

  • Ask whether or not her boyfriend is circumcised. :LOL:
  • Ask to bum a fag, chances are she’ll bum one from you.
  • Show her her Team Bella Tattoo. She is NOT Bella Fuckers!
  • Don’t fucking hover. You’re not a UFO.
  • Try & Bitch-Face her. She’ll think you’re constipated & hand you Imodium
  • Expect her to speak to you & Do not think you have a right to speak to her.

& last but not least….

  • NEVER TAKE A PICTURE WITH KRISTEN STEWART. Why? Because in our opinion it’s usually Beauty & the Beast… she is Beauty. *hides*


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